Saturday, November 2, 2013


Happy Halloween!! 

Yep this is my sweet baby Ryker as a lion hahaha he didn't enjoy it as much as we did. We took him tricker treating in the stroller with Whitney and then we went over to his grandma and grandpa princes and he played with his cousins for the rest of the night! Holidays always remind us of the amazing family we have! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We sold our house!

Today is a big day for me and broc because when we first got married we had a house that was a really good size and we loved it! Now that we are having our second baby it was getting a little small so we put it up for sale and today we sold it!!!! We are going to build a new home that's a little bigger! We are so excited. Also something new is we went to the temple to do an endowment session and it was fun because he haven't done many of those. We also got to see a couple get sealed to four of their children and there is not a better spirit then there is in the temple! We loved it. 
 This is us after the temple. I'm 28 weeks pregnant! Only twelve more to go and we are so excited to meet this little guy in January. Here's some more pictures of what has been happening lately to keep you updated. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our first house, the second baby, and what I am grateful for.

I have decided to post more on here so expect some updates to be coming more frequently! Well lately we have been living with my parents because we sold our house!!!!! and I am six months pregnant and Ryker is fifteen months old!! Such a big boy! I would add pictures but my computer broke so we are in the process of getting it fixed. It seems like so much is going on lately we have only been married two years and one month but we have owned and sold our first home we have a sweet boy with another one on the way! We bought a piece of land out by Sand hollow and are just waiting for the money to come in from selling our home so we can start building. And when I say we I mean broc can start building :) we are a little nervous that the whole government shutdown has put our buyers loan on hold. :/ let's hope not :/ broc is such a hard worker. I am so excited to see what happens in our future together! He is taking school classes at the college and holds a full time job with some difficult hours. And now he is just excited as I am to start building a home even tho he knows more than I do about how hard it will be to build a home. We have decided on a house plan. It is three bed room two bath with a pretty corner kitchen and open concept. I'm so grateful for a husband that is so hard working and has full trust in The Lord. Well this is all that has been going on lately! Next update will be about the little baby :) 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby prince #2 is. . .

Baby Prince #2 is. . . .
Hes a Boy!!! Yay we are so excited to have two boys so close together its going to be fun for both of them to have a buddy!

This is his cute little face kinda looks like rykers ultra sound pic.

sweet baby footie!

And of coarse you can see rykers enthusiasum with the news ;)
Baby is healthy as can be and we are so blessed!
Courtney Prince Sept 4 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

All that is happening. . .

So as of late we have decided to put our house up for sale and live with my parents while the realitor tries to sell it for us. We have purchased a lot out by sand hollow in the area called Dixie Springs. Hopefully our house sells soon so we can start building!
We are having our second child in January and i find out this coming wednesday (September 4th) if its a boy or a girl! Hopefully everything is growing healthy and nothing has been affected by the current stress of selling our home.
Ryker is 13 months and growing big and strong he sleeps pretty good at night i rarely have to get up with him and he knows how to throw a ball. . . well he throws everything! haha hes got a crazy personality but at the same time feels bad and knows when he has done something wrong. He breaks alot of things but he cries everytime he does because he feels bad! He is walking and running around like a mad man and weights 25.3 pounds!
Broc is still currently working at ARA (Ashcreek Ranch Academy) and going to Dixie State University! Hopefully he will finish his associates degree in the next year! Our second Anniversary is coming up soon!
Zach and sidney are still out on their missions and we miss them very much!
Whitney Started Kindergarden and Pierce is in 7th grade! he is now taller than my mom :) He plays every kind of sport and excells in everyone but i think his favorite is baseball. He has his first football game coming up soon we are excited to watch him play another season! I get very nervous and irritated when the other kids dont catch his passes! haha
Broc just had his five year reunion (time really does fly.)
Im still working up at the Zion Canyon Theatre but will probably quit soon because this five months pregnant thing is starting to take its toll!
Im going to try and post more on this blog coming up especially when we start building so you all can see the progress on the house! I think blogging is a  great way for me to "Count my many Blessings" and i need to do it more often!
See ya till Next time!!
Courtney Prince August 30th 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Flower Garden

This last spring break i talked about how we made a flower garden out side the front of our house. Broc and I were planning to put grass in out front yard but we didnt have enough time with work in the way so we just worked on a little garden with flowers. Looks pretty lonely with out grass but its progress!
A while ago i showed you this picture of the fence we just put up for the garden!

This is a standing view of the same fence.

So the things we purchased were fertilizer, flower seeds, some already grown flowers, and bushes. They were haveing a sale at star nursery so we got it all for a pretty good price!

This is my husband putting the flowers in the ground! Isnt he so cute! haha

This Blue pad looking this is called Roll Out Flowers! had tons of seeds in it. all you had to do was roll it out and water often!

Heres sweet ryker having fun in the sun while mommy watched daddy work on the garden! ha

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Blue Blanket!

Rykers New Baby Blanket!
So i decided that i wanted to put my old crochet (dont really know how to spell that) skills to use and make ryker a baby blanket.
im kinda late on it seeing that he is now eight months old but i dont think its ever too late to try something new.
Introducting the new crochet blanket for ryker!
I started with the only thing i knew . . the single crochet but now when i was half way done with it i realized this is going to take forever!!!
but i kept plugging away at it little by little everyday and now two months later... im Done!!

Now its time to do a girl one just in case i have a girl one day!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Surviving Motherhood

This Post i wanted to share some secrets i have learned as being a mother. Many of my friends and even some of my family are either pregnant or have just barely had there baby! Very exciting times! And even tho haveing a baby is very exciteing and deffinetly a very happy time in your life it can also be very stressful! Being a new mother is hard and i wanted to share somethings that have helped me get through the day to days of motherhood.

1.) Learn to make your self happy.
I have learned that a happy mother is a good mother! i Have learned to just find happiness in simple things. I believe that i have had a good day if i get to take a shower and go on a stroller ride! Doing those things make me happy! Find something that makes you happy and do it!

2.) Eat healthy.
I have learned that if the first thing i do when Ryker goes down for a nap is to go grab something HEALTHY to eat. Forgeting to eat sounds rediculous but when your taking care of your baby's every need you often tend to forget your own.
3.) Read your scriptures everyday.
Somedays i have found that if i forget to do this simple act i start to loss focus on my heavenly fathers plan for me and my family. It is very easy to get depressed with all the crazy hormones and no sleep and new life style. but if i remember to read my scriptures my day is significantly better.
4.) Do not stress over the little things.
I wanted to start feeding ryker baby food as soon as he was allowed to have it. i heard from many people that they will start sleeping more threw the night when they are on a more solid diet. So i stressed myself out by trying to get some baby food down him! he is now eight months old and will still not even finish 2 ounces of baby food!
and i honestly dont care any more! its not a big deal if he doesnt get the hang of it right now and i have been a happier mother by not worrying about it constantly.
You will learn your own tricks as a mother that work best for you and your kids. I find confidence in the saying "It never gets easier, you just get better".

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break

This Spring Break was alot of fun mostly because daddy had three days in a row off!
We had alot of fun and got alot done on the house!
Most of the pictures i took during spring break are of Ryker. . . Sorry but that probably wont change!
He was in a happy mood when we were working on the yard it was such a pretty day he just stayed in his stroller!
This is one of his new outfits that i just love so much i had to take a picture!

During the middle of spring break i decided to put him in a forward facing carseat and obviously he loved it!

He's Such a Cheese!

This is a little side table that broc made me to match our kitchen cabinets! took him a while but he got it done during spring break!

Here he is again being a nerd! so cute tho!
This is another thing we got done during spring break we made a flower bed out side the front of our house!
(I will show more of this in another post)

One day during our spring break it rained really hard and we waited in the car for it to stop raining!

This is a picture my mom sent me when she was baby sitting him so that me and broc could go play sand volleyball with some friends! he looks like he had fun!

We always go for a little sunday drive on sundays!

This was my first attempt at cupcakes EVER! I made them on St. Patricks day and gave them to family!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Wreath #1

Spring Wreath #1
This spring i wanted to make a wreath!
We have been living in our house since last July
so i figue the project is a little over due!
. . . .Opps!
I love the wicker wreaths and i found one at Wal Mart for $2.00!
Yes i know pretty cool! so of coarse i bought it and have been so excited to use it!
Well i am not finished with it but i couldnt wait to post it!
This was my ending result for right now!!
I just used an old tee shirt that didnt fit me any  more and cut strips and made the flowers!
and used some lace doilies just folded and glued!

i used a ribbon to tie it to the door and bam! done!

This post is to be continued!
i want to add some turquise in there somewhere!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hiking with Ryker

Hiking with Ryker
Lately with the weather being good we have decided that
Now ryker is old enough to go on hikes with us!
The weather is still off and on with the warmth but the
closer we get to summer the more excited we get. The other day
broc came home from work and wanted to walk up the
three falls canyon by our house.
Well we didnt go very far because ryker's ears started to get cold but he still seemed pretty happy!

Broc and i are going to start planning outside things to do so that we can take advantage of the weather during the summer and take advantage of the fact that we only have on kid to watch after!