Friday, August 30, 2013

All that is happening. . .

So as of late we have decided to put our house up for sale and live with my parents while the realitor tries to sell it for us. We have purchased a lot out by sand hollow in the area called Dixie Springs. Hopefully our house sells soon so we can start building!
We are having our second child in January and i find out this coming wednesday (September 4th) if its a boy or a girl! Hopefully everything is growing healthy and nothing has been affected by the current stress of selling our home.
Ryker is 13 months and growing big and strong he sleeps pretty good at night i rarely have to get up with him and he knows how to throw a ball. . . well he throws everything! haha hes got a crazy personality but at the same time feels bad and knows when he has done something wrong. He breaks alot of things but he cries everytime he does because he feels bad! He is walking and running around like a mad man and weights 25.3 pounds!
Broc is still currently working at ARA (Ashcreek Ranch Academy) and going to Dixie State University! Hopefully he will finish his associates degree in the next year! Our second Anniversary is coming up soon!
Zach and sidney are still out on their missions and we miss them very much!
Whitney Started Kindergarden and Pierce is in 7th grade! he is now taller than my mom :) He plays every kind of sport and excells in everyone but i think his favorite is baseball. He has his first football game coming up soon we are excited to watch him play another season! I get very nervous and irritated when the other kids dont catch his passes! haha
Broc just had his five year reunion (time really does fly.)
Im still working up at the Zion Canyon Theatre but will probably quit soon because this five months pregnant thing is starting to take its toll!
Im going to try and post more on this blog coming up especially when we start building so you all can see the progress on the house! I think blogging is a  great way for me to "Count my many Blessings" and i need to do it more often!
See ya till Next time!!
Courtney Prince August 30th 2013