Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Flower Garden

This last spring break i talked about how we made a flower garden out side the front of our house. Broc and I were planning to put grass in out front yard but we didnt have enough time with work in the way so we just worked on a little garden with flowers. Looks pretty lonely with out grass but its progress!
A while ago i showed you this picture of the fence we just put up for the garden!

This is a standing view of the same fence.

So the things we purchased were fertilizer, flower seeds, some already grown flowers, and bushes. They were haveing a sale at star nursery so we got it all for a pretty good price!

This is my husband putting the flowers in the ground! Isnt he so cute! haha

This Blue pad looking this is called Roll Out Flowers! had tons of seeds in it. all you had to do was roll it out and water often!

Heres sweet ryker having fun in the sun while mommy watched daddy work on the garden! ha