Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hiking with Ryker

Hiking with Ryker
Lately with the weather being good we have decided that
Now ryker is old enough to go on hikes with us!
The weather is still off and on with the warmth but the
closer we get to summer the more excited we get. The other day
broc came home from work and wanted to walk up the
three falls canyon by our house.
Well we didnt go very far because ryker's ears started to get cold but he still seemed pretty happy!

Broc and i are going to start planning outside things to do so that we can take advantage of the weather during the summer and take advantage of the fact that we only have on kid to watch after!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentines Day Banner

Valentine's Banner
This Valentines i was feeling a little crafty and i wanted to make a banner
like all the cute ones i have been seeing on pinterest (i know im one of those
crazies that like pinterest) well i went to the craft closet and pulled  out a few things:
 First i wanted to add a doily so i just strung the string threw a couple holes like this:

Then i wanted to add a doliy accent to compliment the doily i already added so i cut out a heart
and then cut the middle of another doily out so it would fit:

I made my heart stick out a little by using these stickers that add some kinda 3-D affect:

I also added a little bow to the doily to hide the string i just did that with hot glue:

Added some glitter and a stencil of the word LOVE and all done :) fast and easy craft
that i can get done while taking care of a baby! Just the way i like it!


Monday, February 18, 2013

The Crazy Weekend of Mission Calls

So as you must know me and broc both has sibilings going on missions! We have been excited for them forever!!! and finally they got them and we couldnt wait for them to open it!!
Sidney Adamson (my sister) got her mission call on Friday!
All of her family was there and one of her best friends and we all made guesses to where we think she was going. My guess was Sydney Australia but she didnt go there! Darn it!
Well she is going to ready drum roll. . . . .
St. Louis Missouri!!!!
She leaves on March 27th!! So Soon!
Im so excited because i get to go through the temple with her! Woohoo!
Zach Prince (broc's brother) got his mission call the same night but didnt open it until after a big wrestling tournament on saturday.
Zach won state again for his fourth year in a row, makes him a four timer!
Then not even ten minutes later all his family and and friends went up to the conference room and we all watched him open his mission call.
and watched him announce that he was going to be serving two years in the piura peru mission!
Spanish speaking!
Im so excited for these two i know that they will be the best missionarys!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Life From Start to Present

Broc and I started dateing when he returned home from an LDS mission.
He served two years in the Canada, Halifax mission.
We started dating in November 2010 and we were married the following
September on 9/10/11.
We were married in the St. George Temple.

We had all of our friends and family there.
Two months after we were married i found out i was expecting.
 We were so excited.
Then even more excited when we found out it was a boy!
Then we went to the doctor one morning and he said that we were ready to go have
our baby! So we rushed over to the hospital room and had our baby at 11:35 that night!

Ryker Broc Prince
8lbs 3oz
21.5 inchs
Now Ryker is 6 1/2 months old!

We love him so much! We are really happy to be able to be
parents to such a beautiful baby!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello! Welcome to our blog!

We are the Prince family.
We started this post just to keep everyone updated on our crazy lives!
Life is so crazy that i tend to get lost in it, this will be my way of stepping
back and reviewing on our life!
We will post pictures and update on recent activities
and of coarse the occational recipe or craft!

Hope you enjoy this blog and come back often!
We love comments so dont be shy!