New Blue Blanket!

Rykers New Baby Blanket!
So i decided that i wanted to put my old crochet (dont really know how to spell that) skills to use and make ryker a baby blanket.
im kinda late on it seeing that he is now eight months old but i dont think its ever too late to try something new.
Introducting the new crochet blanket for ryker!
I started with the only thing i knew . . the single crochet but now when i was half way done with it i realized this is going to take forever!!!
but i kept plugging away at it little by little everyday and now two months later... im Done!!

Now its time to do a girl one just in case i have a girl one day!

Spring Wreath #1

This spring i wanted to make a wreath!
We have been living in our house since last July
so i figue the project is a little over due!
. . . .Opps!
I love the wicker wreaths and i found one at Wal Mart for $2.00!
Yes i know pretty cool! so of coarse i bought it and have been so excited to use it!
Well i am not finished with it but i couldnt wait to post it!

This was my ending result for right now!!

I just used an old tee shirt that didnt fit me any more and cut strips and made the flowers!

and used some lace doilies just folded and glued!

i used a ribbon to tie it to the door and bam! done!

This post is to be continued!
i want to add some turquise in there somewhere

My Simple Easy Cheap Scrapbooking

Cheap Scrapbooking
So as everyone knows i have a big baby boy (eight months old this month)!! and it is very hard to find time to do ANYTHING with a little one! I use to love scrapbooking! i would do it in my spare time when i was as little as 10 years old! so now that i have a little baby i want to do his scrapbooking for his first year! I thought it would be alot easier to do it since i would be a stay at home mother but. . . nope its actually the hardest job i've ever had! Well the way i do my scrapbooking now is very simple because i have very little time and because its so simple its also pretty cheap!
The only supplies i use are:
-cardstock paper
-page protectors
-a fine point sharpie marker
-washi tape
-double sided sticky tape
-photo organizer(got it at target for $1)

And thats all i use! i will probably one day go back and make them more fancy when i have the time! but for right now its all i need. here are a couple examples of what i have done:

(sorry i dont know why this one is lopsided)

Sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go. I dont know who said it but i heard a quote once that said
"Decorate then get on with your life"
i kinda agree with that you could spend your whole life trying to make things perfect!
Just simplify and be done!



Valentines Day Banner

Valentine's Banner
This Valentines i was feeling a little crafty and i wanted to make a banner
like all the cute ones i have been seeing on pinterest (i know im one of those
crazies that like pinterest) well i went to the craft closet and pulled out a few things:

First i wanted to add a doily so i just strung the string threw a couple holes like this:

Then i wanted to add a doliy accent to compliment the doily i already added so i cut out a heart
and then cut the middle of another doily out so it would fit:

I made my heart stick out a little by using these stickers that add some kinda 3-D affect:

I also added a little bow to the doily to hide the string i just did that with hot glue:

Added some glitter and a stencil of the word LOVE and all done :) fast and easy craft
that i can get done while taking care of a baby! Just the way i like it!

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