Spring Break

This Spring Break was alot of fun mostly because daddy had three days in a row off!
We had alot of fun and got alot done on the house!
Most of the pictures i took during spring break are of Ryker. . . Sorry but that probably wont change!
He was in a happy mood when we were working on the yard it was such a pretty day he just stayed in his stroller!
This is one of his new outfits that i just love so much i had to take a picture!

During the middle of spring break i decided to put him in a forward facing carseat and obviously he loved it!

He's Such a Cheese!

This is a little side table that broc made me to match our kitchen cabinets! took him a while but he got it done during spring break!

Here he is again being a nerd! so cute tho!
This is another thing we got done during spring break we made a flower bed out side the front of our house!
(I will show more of this in another post)

One day during our spring break it rained really hard and we waited in the car for it to stop raining!

This is a picture my mom sent me when she was baby sitting him so that me and broc could go play sand volleyball with some friends! he looks like he had fun!

We always go for a little sunday drive on sundays!

This was my first attempt at cupcakes EVER! I made them on St. Patricks day and gave them to family!

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