Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Blue Blanket!

Rykers New Baby Blanket!
So i decided that i wanted to put my old crochet (dont really know how to spell that) skills to use and make ryker a baby blanket.
im kinda late on it seeing that he is now eight months old but i dont think its ever too late to try something new.
Introducting the new crochet blanket for ryker!
I started with the only thing i knew . . the single crochet but now when i was half way done with it i realized this is going to take forever!!!
but i kept plugging away at it little by little everyday and now two months later... im Done!!

Now its time to do a girl one just in case i have a girl one day!

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  1. This baby blanket is so cute! I'm so impressed! Great job!