Monday, February 18, 2013

The Crazy Weekend of Mission Calls

So as you must know me and broc both has sibilings going on missions! We have been excited for them forever!!! and finally they got them and we couldnt wait for them to open it!!
Sidney Adamson (my sister) got her mission call on Friday!
All of her family was there and one of her best friends and we all made guesses to where we think she was going. My guess was Sydney Australia but she didnt go there! Darn it!
Well she is going to ready drum roll. . . . .
St. Louis Missouri!!!!
She leaves on March 27th!! So Soon!
Im so excited because i get to go through the temple with her! Woohoo!
Zach Prince (broc's brother) got his mission call the same night but didnt open it until after a big wrestling tournament on saturday.
Zach won state again for his fourth year in a row, makes him a four timer!
Then not even ten minutes later all his family and and friends went up to the conference room and we all watched him open his mission call.
and watched him announce that he was going to be serving two years in the piura peru mission!
Spanish speaking!
Im so excited for these two i know that they will be the best missionarys!

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