Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentines Day Banner

Valentine's Banner
This Valentines i was feeling a little crafty and i wanted to make a banner
like all the cute ones i have been seeing on pinterest (i know im one of those
crazies that like pinterest) well i went to the craft closet and pulled  out a few things:
 First i wanted to add a doily so i just strung the string threw a couple holes like this:

Then i wanted to add a doliy accent to compliment the doily i already added so i cut out a heart
and then cut the middle of another doily out so it would fit:

I made my heart stick out a little by using these stickers that add some kinda 3-D affect:

I also added a little bow to the doily to hide the string i just did that with hot glue:

Added some glitter and a stencil of the word LOVE and all done :) fast and easy craft
that i can get done while taking care of a baby! Just the way i like it!


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